GLONUTECO – a database on global nutrient ecology run by Global Ecology Unit (GEU), CREAF-CSIC Barcelona

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General information and aims

GLONUTECO is a database built and maintained by Global Ecology Unit (GEU) with the main aim to gather all available data on nutrient contents and stoichiometry in the soil-microbe-plant-animal system of terrestrial organisms and ecosystems together with available ecological, eco-physiological, metabolic and morphological traits. The database is built through a long-time review conducted by GEU in ISI WEB of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar as well as public open databases from national and international inventories.

GLONUTECO is born to be a tool for researchers on ecology and agriculture, interested in the patterns and mechanisms underlying terrestrial ecosystem function and structure, including species-composition, biotic and abiotic relationships and biodiversity and their links with bio-elements use and allocation. The study of the main responses and adaptation of organisms to current environmental changes by analyzing elemental and molecular changes are one of the current topics that GLONUTECO also aims to serve.